Hong Kong Land Investment

Hong Kong Investment 
Mid-term land investment opportunities in land-scarce Hong Kong

Wealth Solutions Management projects in Hong Kong provide our clients with access to high-potential lands in the highly predictable Hong Kong housing market. Land assets in Hong Kong are highly valued due to scarcity and strong demand, making Hong Kong a prime choice in growing wealth for mid-term use.

Project details

  • 5 – 7 years Projected investment term
  • 200% project gain
  • Secured return of 12% within 5 years
    • 2% p.a for first three years
    • 3% p.a for fourth and fifth year
  • 3 exit strategies
  • Government approved ownership

In Hong Kong, you will increase your wealth as our investment partner, through high-potential lands that are low in supply and great in demand. 

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a leading financial centre in Asia. Hongkong is the gateway for business to and from mainland China.

While most housing markets constantly flit between hot and cold seasons, Hong Kong’s market has remained hot for almost the entirety for the past decade. Home prices have continued to soar to new heights year after year as a result of great demand, but low supply.

As the #1 ranked city in Asia for most unaffordable housing, Hong Kong is a prime example demonstrating how land scarcity can severely impact housing prices. At USD $4570 – $5050 per sq ft, prices for housing in Hong Kong have already reached double of what we face in Singapore.

At a growth rate of 40,000 to 50,000 people a year, the demand for housing in Hong Kong reaches new heights every year. By 2030, Hong Kong will have over 8 million. To satisfy this growth, demand for developable lands will be at its peak, with the government pushing for more houses to be built for Hong Kong residents.

With the highly predictable large growth in demand, the value of land assets will increase by bounds. So is the pricing of properties .These developments spell good news for the investors.This is why Hong Kong lands are now the choice investment of many well-known tycoons.

We search the world to find you the top investments in the global market. Our research show us that this is a country of opportunity for alternative investments in real estate. Reduce your risk by adding this fund to your financial portfolio. We are excited to share with you our findings.

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