Brazil Property Investment

Brazil opportunities

Short-term wealth creation opportunities through land development in beautiful Brazil.

Brazil’s rapid growth opens many windows of opportunity for investors. Out of these opportunities, Rio Grande do Norte was selected in North Brazil for its stability, large middle-class market, and rapid development progress. Land development projects in Brazil will grow your funds significantly within a short term.

Project details: Majestic Village

  • 3 years Investment term
  • 64% capital gain
  • No Capital gain tax
  • No Currency risk (SGD)
  • Title deed
  • Shariah-Compliant investment

Located just few miles away from the up and coming Greater Natal International Airport which is set to serve as the seventh largest airport in the world in April 2014, property in Natal has become more sought after than ever.

About Rio Grande do Norte

Situated in South America, Brazil is a beautiful land filled with vast natural resources. In the past decade, Brazil’s economy has grown rapidly and has even replaced UK as the 6th largest economy in the world.

As a member of emerging national economies, BRICS, Brazil’s economy now stands at over US $2.5 trillion.

This growth was largely driven by huge increase in exports of oil, ore, machinery, clothing, and agricultural products As tens of millions of jobs were created across the nation, the middle class in Brazil surged from only 30 million people to well over 90 million.

Rio Grande do Norte is the largest oil producing state in Brazil. Its capital city, Natal is our target investment area. As one of the fastest growing cities in Brazil, Natal is a famed tourist attraction that is popular for its flawless beaches Ponta NegraMaracajaú and Pipa‘s paradise. Its rapid development and housing market are ideal for investment.

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