7 Reasons Why Hong Kong is the Ideal Place to Do Business in Asia

Hong Kong Land investment

Strategic Location of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the Gateway to China

Hong Kong is the gateway to the world’s most populous nation. It is only next door to China. Hong Kong’s nearest neighbors – the city of Shenzhen, Guanghzhou and Dongguan – is home to thousands of factories owned by overseas companies. A rail link from Hong Kong to Guangzhou connects it to major cities in southern China. 

Hong Kong shares Same Time Zone with Major Cities

Hong Kong shares the same time zone as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Shanghai and Beijing.  They are within 4 hours’ flight.

With such a strategic location, it is advantageous for companies to set up their Asian HQs in Hong Kong to be accessible to China and the Asian markets. Many business people are looking at investing in Hong Kong.


Low Corporate Tax

Hong Kong is tax-friendly and maintains its free port status. The tax system is simple. Submitting the tax returns is simple.  The taxation is low. The corporate tax is as low as 16.5%. Property tax is 15%, Salary tax is cap at 15% also. There are no estate tax and no sales tax.

Business Friendly

Hong Kong is politically stable and corruption free. It practises free-market policies and free flow of information. There are no trade barriers. It is easy to get construction permits. It is friendly for international business as English is used as the language of business.


Business Infrastructure

For any international business, an important consideration is the business infrastructure. Hong Kong has excellent infrastructure for travel, transportation, logistics and telecommunication.

Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong is well connected by air to more than 180 cities around the world including 48 locations in Mainland China. Hong Kong Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports. It has been voted as the world’s best airport numerous times.  Public transportations are efficient and cheap. Taxis are plentiful.

Hong Kong accounts for almost a third of exports in and out of Mainland China. It is blessed with a deep water port. 

With broadband and 3G/4G network coverage over the territory, it provides the world’s most affordable internet and mobile phone services.


Skill Labour

Hong Kong local talents have strong work ethics, while its family friendly immigration policies attract foreign talents. Expatriate employees can bring their spouse and children.

Hong Kong has a strong pool of local talent, while business-friendly immigration policies make it simple to recruit professionals from overseas.


Government Support

The Hong Kong government is pro-business. It helps companies to set up and grow through incubator programs, funding and loans.


Life in Hong Kong

As a cosmopolitan city, with international schools and excellent health care, it is an exciting place for expats to live and work. As a small city, it is certainly crowded. But it also makes it easy to network. The nightlife is buzzing. Everything an expat wants, it can be found in Hong Kong.