Why Hong Kong is a Hot Property Investment Pick

Hong Kong Land Investment

Hong Kong – the Top Tourist Destination

Widely-regarded as a top tourist location, Hong Kong has attracted visitors from all around the world for shopping and leisure activities for many years. Beyond its ability to cater to great travelling experiences, Hong Kong is also a hot pick for another activity – property investment.

Hong Kong – The Top Economic Powerhouse

Few places in Asia can boast the level of economic and technological development seen in Hong Kong. Although it is part of China, it remains worlds apart in sophistication, security, and development.

Every region in the world has its own unique opportunity for investing in property. The opportunity in Hong Kong is exceptionally compelling.

Hong Kong – Top 10 Most Expensive City in the World

Cited as one of the world’s top 10 most expensive cities to live in, it owes this reputation mostly to its sky-high property pricing that continues to rise year after year. Hong Kong ranks #2 in the world for most unaffordable housing, and residents face a situation even worse than in Singapore.

Hong Kong’s Rising Property Price

With a similar problem of land scarcity, Hong Kong struggles to accommodate its 7.2 million (and rising) population. While the Hong Kong government has attempted to fight the continually increasing prices for many years, it is an virtually impossible battle win. Despite their best efforts, prices have continued to climb reaching approx USD $4570 Р$5050 per sq ft (compared to Singapore’s USD $2340 -$2580 per sq ft).

Hong Kong’s Rising Population

Analysts agree that the recent recline is merely temporary and only presents an added opportunity to investors. For Hong Kong, rising population and land scarcity continues to work against the residents year after year. Forecasts indicate that the population size will increase by another million (to 8.3 million) by 2030.

Land of Opportunity in Hong Kong

Hong Kong property has become an immensely attractive investment option for foreign investors. It is exceptionally popular with investors from parts of Asia such as mainland China.