6 Reasons to Invest in Brazilian Properties

Brazil Property Investment


Undeniably, investing in real estate is a more favorable option to grow your wealth passively for the long term. Come 2014 World Cup when Brazil play host and hordes of tourists discover the beauty of the beaches, the vibrant culture and cheap properties, many people will start to consider investing in real estate in Brazil.




               Reason 1: Abundance of Beautiful Land

Brazil is the top five largest country in the world. With more than 4,000 miles of beautiful coastline and the low cost of living, it is a magnet for foreign real estate investors. It is a country with beautiful scenery and world class beaches.


               Reason 2: Demand for Housing

The property prices are rising while interest rate remains low. Majority of the population are middle class. With rising demands and property prices, now is a good time for investors to join the fray for good returns. 


               Reason 3: Favourable Investment Policies

The Brazilian government encourages foreign investment. You can own the land and property 100% at 1/10 the price of one in UK.


               Reason 4:  Economic Growth

Brazil is an economic powerhouse alongside Russian, India and China (BRIC). Brazil is self-sufficient in oil. As more oil fields are open for exploration, it will attract more investors and development.


               Reason 5:  Conducive living

Brazilian people are friendly and cheerful. The days are often fill with music and carnivals. Brazil is safe from wars, terrorism, outbreak of disease or natural disasters. Brazil is called the tropical paradise. An idyllic climate, rich culture, and low cost of living are driving foreigners to retire there.


               Reason 6:  Cheap and Good Investment

The price of Brazilian properties is an attraction. One can acquire a piece of property for less than US$50K. Buyers are investing in it as holiday homes and for retirement homes.


Brazilian Properties – The Choice of  Investors

Brazil has replaced UK as 6th largest economy in the world March 2012. With rapid development, property value will certainly go up. They can recover their investment and even make a tidy profit. 

In summary, here are the reasons why Brazil is the choice for property investments:

  • Abundance Of Beautiful Land 
  • Demand For Housing 
  • Favourable Investment Policies 
  • Economic Growth 
  • Conducive Living 
  • Cheap And Good Investment