Why do International Investors See Potential in the Brazilian Property Market?

International property investors look for good capital growth. And as they scan the world for opportunities, one of the hottest markets within their radar screen is the Brazil property market.

What attracts them to Brazil?


The Real Estate Boom

Growing Affluence of Population

The growth of the middle classes and mortgage market contribute to the real estate boom. Currently there is a housing deficit of more than eight millions houses and they are predicted to rise further.  Apartments with beachfront view and in city centres are popular. 

Rises in Property Prices

Property values have doubled in the last five years due to foreign investments. Three out of ten properties are purchased by foreigners.

Increase in Tourism

The number of visitors and international flights to Brazil are increasing. The boom is evident.

With this growth potential, now is a good time to invest in Brazil.



Good Infrastructure

What add value to the properties is the infrastructure namely, a good road network, water supply, electricity supply and internet services.

 Low Cost of Living

The low cost of living is an attraction. Medical care is available at low cost. The local universities produce local skill workers. Local workers are affordable. One can employ a maid for less than $300 a month.  Properties remain low and affordable.

2014 World Cup

As the host of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazil draws even more attention from tourists and property investors from all over the world.